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What is OTT platform,How do you monetize video content?
Live TV / VOD
Live TV / VOD

our streaming media system is able to handle multiple trans-coding method to protect video content.

Advertising System
Advertising System

Advertising management system(ADMS) is a part of our content management system to distribute the advertisement to the customer precisely.

Big Data Management System
Big Data Management System

Big Data Management System can perform precise data analysis and generate valuable information for customer to optimize the operation of their business.

Content Management System
Content Management System

Back Office system is a supportive system for OTT platform for complete end to end operation. It provide enterprise level of security, and reliability to maintain the VOD, liveTV, and other relative server.

Shopping TV System
Shopping TV System

Shopping TV system is a convenient system to let our customer to create and manage B2C shopping environment. It is easy to operate, manage, and extend so our customer can establish their TV shopping service with lower broundary.

Digital Rights Management
Digital Rights Management

DRM is using technical method to control the access, edit, and distribution of copy right audio and video content. Our system supports all mainstream DRM protocols to guarantee the security of the content and manage them efficiently.


Create subscription plans for subscriber to watch your content inside your application. Supporting Paypal, BrainTree, PayHere, Dialog and In-app Purchases: Apple&Google pay.


Support a complete online shopping system via Third-party and API integration, finishing the whole purchase process on your TV platform.


Target your audience across your applications with promotions, banners, video/in-stream ads and playlist advertisement features.

XMediaTV features

Discover powerful OTT features to boost your business

Security Simplicity Easiness

Upload, distribute, and launch your video with full-scale content management system and smart data management system.

content management

Manage your content easily

XMediaTV cloud-based CMS helps you configure a user-friendly interface for drag-n-drop video upload, distribute, publish as well as editing, managing, and deleting assets.

Smart Data & Analytics

●  200+ data reports for your options.
●  Three critical dimensions involved: operation, viewing record and user behaviour.
●  Quantitative analysis of the past operation insights help you improve future services.
●  Query related data and export details by specifying the user type, region, and time period.

Reach the most popular OTT/IPTV Platform on market

All-in-one Solution l Mobile & TV Apps l Multi-scenario l Global CDN

Friendly Portal Management
Friendly Portal Management

Smart Back Office that helps you automate the management of users, content, and portal’s layout respectively. Friendly PMS manage your content includes menu, recommendation, content classification.

Scalable Streaming Platform
Scalable Streaming Platform

Multi-transcoding processes to adopt your subscribers demand, multi-DRM protects your video out of piracy. Adaptive bitrate rates support HD video for your subscribers anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid Cloud

XMediaTV’s Hybrid cloud combines on-premise and cloud transcoding, data storage, backup and bandwidth-efficient CDN delivery with the cost-effectiveness hybrid cloud management.


The current version of our OTT platform can be accessed from various mobile devices, as well as from traditional desktop and laptop PC’s. We bring your content to the device of your customer’s choice and help your content be watched anywhere and anytime.

✔ Smart TV

✔ PC

✔ Smartphone

✔ Tablet

multi screen

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Adaptive bitrate streaming ensures the best quality OTT experience possible for viewers on mobile devices and set-top boxes.

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