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Backed by more than 200 functions, xmediatv provides an end-to-end OTT platform that supports live video/audio and on-demand content for your global audience.

XMediaTV is a comprehensive video platform around the world that provides one-stop online streaming media solutions, which can meet all the live needs of any live activity in the world.


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Video On Demand

Video On Demand

XmediaTV enables you to upload and stream sports events as on-demand video across devices and screens. Create multiple playlists and categories for different sports. Edite metadata for each content directly in the Content Governing body System(CMS).

Live Streaming

XMediaTV allows you to live stream sports events. Launch a fully customized platform which aligns with your brand and meets your business scenorias. XMediaTV’s DVR-enabled live streaming allows your viewers to pause, time-shift and replay live video in real-time. With XMediaTV, you can also record live events and transfer them to standard on-demand video for editing.

live streaming

Schedule & Scores

In the OTT sports solution, we will specially create a schedule & score section that can support users to view schedule information and book games, comment, like, and support the team.


XMediaTV integrates the news section into your platform, allowing you to publish the latest current affairs and articles through multi-uploading methods, users can follow and comment on. Professional Generated Content will provide personalized and diversified content to enrich user experience


Online Shopping System

With XMediaTV, you can provide a special official e-store for your streaming media service. Sell customized goods, sports equipment, accessories, and value-added services to global audiences.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Tablet
  • Applet
  • Web

Application Scenarios

Online Forum
Online Forum
Live Performance
Live Performance
Product Launching
Product Launching
Live Reporting
Live Reporting

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