Live Streaming

XmediaTV live streaming solution provides you with extremely fast, stable and professional cloud live broadcast processing services. Cloud live broadcast provides three services: standard live, slow live, and fast live. Streaming recording, ultra-low-latency live scenarios, together with the mobile live broadcast SDK, offer an end-to-end online streaming solution catering to all livestreaming requirements for any Live Event.

Live streaming workflow

live streaming workflow
Operation Management

Operation Management

Portal Management
Menu Management
Referral Management
Recommended Content Management
Client management
Channel management (Channel creation, Channel Moderation)
EPG Orchestration
User management (User creation, query, device binding)
Billing Management (Support Paypal Payment)

Live Streaming Input

  • Live input UDP pull stream

  • RTMP pull stream

  • HTTP-TS pull stream

Live Streaming Output

  • Live output HLS/DASH output

  • RTMP output

  • Anti-Theft Chain
Live Streaming

Application Scenarios

OnLine Conference
OnLine Conference
Forum & Exhibotion
Forum & Exhibotion
Online Education
Online Education
Video Website
Video Website
Short Video
Short Video

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