Video On Demand

Streaming media system could provide a variety method of transcoding process to protect video content and it is able to handle multiple input protocol. System mainly serve for video on demand (VOD) and live broadcast module. VOD is for static resource playback and live broadcast is for real-time channel playback.

Video On Demand

VOD Product Workflow


Multiple Video Monetization Models

Preroll, midroll & end-roll video on demand advertising content at well-designed position to grab viewer’s attention via AVOD monetization.
Subscription-based video on demand platform with monthly or yearly packages. Keep recuring viewer base through well-planned and customized subscription models.
Transactional VOD or Rental Model provides rights holders with higher revenues, giving consumers timely and retain your customers by offering attractive price incentives.


  • Work-effective Content Manage System offer a complete track to upload, organize & manage your video on demand in a saving time.
  • Smart tag system, content cataloguing for faster search, attribution classifies your video content in a customer-friendly way and smart recommendation to catch your customer flavor.
  • Build an easy-to-access and searchable content library compatible with multiple formats and codecs to boost engagement rates and ROI.
  • Supports all ranges of formats in video subscription platforms ranging from Mp4, m4v, avi, mp3, MPEG-DASH, H.265 codec, and H.264 codec.

Operation Management

  • Portal Management
  • Menu Management
  • Referral Management
  • Recommended Content Management
  • Client management
  • Media Asset Management
  • Video management On-demand
  • Resource Injection
  • On-demand management
  • On-demand Resource Creation (tidbits, trailers, feature films)
  • Episode Management
  • Episode Resource Creation (tidbits, trailers, feature films)
  • User Management (User Creation, Query, Device Binding)
  • Billing Management Support Paypal Payment
Operation Management
video upload

Video Upload

  • Web Console Upload – You can upload video files to the server through the background page
  • FTP Pull – video files can be pulled to the server through the FTP protocol
  • HTTP/HTTPS Pull – supports the use of HTTP/HTTPS protocol to transfer video files

Video Processing

  • Video Transcoding – Transparent transmission can be transcoded without changing the original encoding protocol Single-channel to multiple-channel single-channel input to multiple-channel output

  • Video Watermark – Add image watermark, select the upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right positions

  • ABR Adaptive – Support adaptive resolution, transfer out bit rate adaptive playback

  • Play Thumbnails – Support for cropping thumbnails

  • Multitrack Injection – Support multi-track file injection to transcode multiple audio tracks

Video Distribution

  • HLS/DASH Output – Support both HLS and DASH protocol output
  • Anti-Theft Chain – Content distribution Supports anti-theft function

Application Scenarios

Video Web
Video Web
Online Education
Online Education
Training Institution
Training Institution
Government & Enterprise
Government & Enterprise

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