Full-featured online streaming media solution helps you create an online TV channel for your brand, realizing low-threshold transformation of TV stations to Internet media.

Make ISP/Operators/Telecom Launch their White-Label Platform


IPTV for ISP Operators, Premium Solution for ISP

XMediaTV offers the comprehensive IPTV Solution whether you are already operating an existing TV Network, migrating from another IPTV Middleware System or need hybrid solution of OTT/IPTV.

XMediaTV’s IPTV Solutions adapt to every need with infinite scalability, making them future-proof.


XMediaTV offers the turkey OTT Solution for Operators to start their new OTT Business. Whether your have an already set-up Pay-TV, or you just want to start your own OTT platform, XMediaTV Solution help you reach target audiences, get more traffic, monetize with cost-effective and value-for-money solutions.



XMediaTV offers the ideal IPTV/OTT Solution for the Telcos to expand OTT, and IPTV business. With flexible deployment Telco can reach to more subscribers. XMediaTV IPTV Solutions adapt to every need with telcom streaming business, making them future-proof.


XMediaTV Advantages

Easy integration of IPTV& OTT for ISP,Telcom,Operation to access your existing subscribers, making XMediaTV solution the best option to deploy a fast and cost effective IPTV/OTT Installation.

On Premise IPTV/OTT

Installation of XMediaTV Transcoder, Media Server and IPTV Middleware in your location.

IPTV/OTT Functionality

Maximize your Subscribers'experience with EPG, CatchUP, nPVR, Timeshift, Connected Devices and DRM protection.

IPTV/OTT Integration

Integrate you payment gateway and other existing systems to XMediaTV with API.

Multi-screen terminals

Support Android phone and tablets, iPhone, iPad, H5 websites, Android TV and other devices.