Terminal Management System

A management system to remotely monitor, manage and maintain the Android/Google devices. Providing world’s leading new media end-to-end solutions, Reducing customers’ after-sales cost and improving after-sales efficiency.

Maintain Tool Suite & Features

Terminal management

Import/Export, Grouping, Basic info, Network info, Reboot, Factory reset, Operation log

Check Device Status

Server actively checks the device's status, checks terminal is whether online or offline

Maintain tool suite

Ping, trace route, bandwidth test

OTA upgrade

Firmware and application management and upgradation and upgrade log

Client management

App upgrade / uninstall / management

App Management

Retrieving the app list, include the version, path, cache size and other, clean the cache.

Basic Information

Retrieving the device's basic information, like CPU, RAM, Time zone, resolution etc.

Remotely desktop support

App upgrade / uninstall / management

Network Infomation

Retrieving the network information, like connecting model, IP, DNS, Net mask.

Terminal Management system
Device Distribution

Overview Terminals

The most intuitional online data presentation at home page
24-hour online data presentation
Regional distribution map of all devices.

Today’s app usage top 5
New device’s registration information in the last month

Statistic Report

Check the latest information in real time Provide accurate data for the marketing department to make better marketing stratgy Source data is encrypted and saved at TMS server

Statistic Report

Remotely Desktop Support

  • Check the screen at client side and check the issues with customer together
  • Use RCU UI to remotely control the STB
    Strict authority control, customer approval the support
Remotely Desktop Support
Message Management

Message Management

  • Operator adds and configures the message
  • Reviews by operation manager
  • Pushes encrypted message to device
  • Device checkes message and displays message
  • Retrieves the message display information
  • Supports multi-type message(Video, Text, Image..)

Deployment Model

  • Public cloud deployment Support deployment the TMS at cloud server, like AWS, Google cloud, Microsoft Azure(Need to prepare VM or physical server, SSL certificate, domains to SDMC)
  • Local private cloud deployment Support deployment the TMS at local server that provided by operator(Need prepare VM or physical server, SSL certificate, domains to SDMC)
  • SDMC SaaS service Provide the SaaS service for operator.

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