How do I choose the best video monetization platform to monetize all my videos?

Video monetization has witnessed its exponential growth by increasing the adoption of video content, which has influenced broadcasters, online brands to take a leap in the OTT market.

With widespread exposure to online streaming, media and entertainment, fitness, e-commerce and some other key industry segments, Elearning has acknowledged responsive growth as they monetize video for their products and services and engage their target audience with personalized video monetization platforms.

We’ve learned that this paradigm shift has worked for media organizations and has attracted millions more viewers with its faster and timely expansion!

What to Look for in Choosing a Video Monetization Platform
Before choosing a VOD platform, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your profitability strategy. For example, SVOD and TVOD strategies require paywall capabilities, and AVOD strategies require a robust and effective way to target viewers with appropriate ads. A platform that allows for growth and scalability flexibility will allow you to introduce new strategies.

In short, when you have the opportunity to profit from video when you grant viewers access after gaining access to pay-per-view video, consider these key points.

Web platform – Most viewers still watch content on the web.

Customization – Websites and applications should be customizable to your brand.

Global payments – your audience is likely to be worldwide – make sure they can all make payments.

Support – 24/7 support is a must when your business relies on uptime.

Help – A good OTT provider provides you with hands-on help in building your structure.

Analytics – When it comes to monetization, you need to know what works and what doesn’t.

No buffering – Customers who pay for content expect it to stream seamlessly.

Compatibility – Make sure you can build apps where your audience is (iPhone, Android, Web) – including streaming devices like Roku.

Content protection – your content needs to be inaccessible to potential pirates.

In-app purchases – viewers who can purchase a subscription directly in the app are more likely to sign up.

Live streaming – Especially if your business is centered on live content – such as sports broadcasts or concerts – the ability to live stream is critical.

Best Video Monetization Platforms

XMediaTV Systems
XMediaTV is the #1 application solution for mainstream media. With XMediaTV , you can deliver OTT content on every major platform without having to hire developers. You can create live streaming content, video on demand content, and even integrate with your own streaming solutions like Vimeo. XMediaTV can help you with monetization in AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, sponsorship, and more.

Dacast is one of the main leaders in video monetization, supporting pay-per-view, subscription and ad monetization models. dacast’s white label video player assists in monetizing streams through a paywall solution that is accepted in 135 different currencies and is transcribed into various 10 languages.

Brightcove offers you a high-end streaming solution that is perfect for profiting from select streams at a premium level. The platform supports your essential content with ad-based monetization. While you research how to monetize the entire platform and get a profitable return, Brightcove allows you to use ad blockers to place ads using server-side ad insertion.

Kaltura allows you to profit from a huge library of VODs with its intelligent video monetization suite. It supports popular OTT delivery through SVOD, TVOD, ad splicing and enables media companies to create impactful monetization strategies using its comprehensive and user-friendly tools. Ensure optimal revenue gains to strike the right balance in the video business.

Choose the Solution That’s Right for You
No two businesses are the same, and the same is true for video content providers and OTT platforms. So when it comes to which OTT platform is best for you and which one is best for you to profit from, it’s best to have a clear idea – what you and your audience need now and where you want to go in the future.

Don’t be afraid to have conversations with potential providers – and beware of those who won’t discuss your options.

If you are ready to have a conversation now, XMediaTV is happy to talk about your needs. Contact us today to talk to an expert about how you can profit from your content.