How to Choose the Best Streaming Platform for Your TV Station

Whatever the requirements of online TV channel software, there is an ideal solution. Again, Xmediatv is known as one of the top video-on-demand platforms in the market for creating your own online TV channels on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and the web, and reaching a global audience.

Necessary features for an Internet TV channel
Building an Internet TV channel requires a specific set of complex features in order to provide your viewers with a superior viewing experience. Some of the sedate and progressive attributes necessary to start a customized online TV channel are:

Fully Customized TV Channels
A fully customized channel will gain an edge by providing an end-to-end encryption solution that pushes the industry forward with its unique future-proof technology.

Hosted on your preferred (cloud/local)
Producing web TV is much easier when you host your streaming site locally or in the cloud using source code.

Have a fully white-labeled solution
Get your own TV channel and own it completely under your banner. Have a fully white-label OTT platform with tons of personalized properties to keep your streaming progressing.

Access Control
Minimize the risk of unauthorized access to content by protecting it with different access methods such as email authentication, single sign-on and identity verification.

AES Encryption
Protect content available in the platform using symmetric technology, ensuring that the same keys are used for encryption and decryption.

SSL Certificates
SSL certificates ensure protection of traffic to your online TV platform. It creates an encrypted connection between your viewers and the platform.

Convenient Live to VOD Conversion
By creating unique online TV channels, you can move live video to your VOD library and give your viewers the opportunity to repeat it.

Streamlined CMS for video management
Content Management System will technically simplify the organization of videos to ensure efficient management of content libraries.

Multi-DRM Secure Streaming Tools
Streaming businesses need to integrate strong DRM and security attributes to protect OTT channel content and protect it with password protection, content encryption, and blocking any form of digital piracy.

Streaming Compatible with All Device Players
Stream your content with faster playback using HLS media players to deliver high-quality streams quickly with zero buffering and video latency.

Video marketing nuances to expand business prospects
Expand your streaming business and penetrate your target audience with video marketing. The entire video sales process will be highly scalable with built-in online marketing insights.

Instrumentation with accurate real-time analytics
With an analytics solution, you can study video engagement data to understand user behavior. Using custom metrics, player data, viewership data and customizable real-time dashboards will facilitate user understanding.

Why Xmediatv is the right choice to build your own online TV channel?

  1. Xmediatv offers a fully customized online TV channel solution to fit your business needs.
  2. The solution is the expertise to build an online TV platform, no matter what kind of equipment and platform you need.
  3. Xmediatv technology is driving you to get the TV experience you need across devices.
  4. Seamlessly manage content and archive your content in order using the Video CMS platform
  5. Increase the value of your online TV channels by generating real-time reports with analytics.

Xmediatv is a custom OTT solution provider in the market designed to help content owners, broadcasters, cable owners, distributors build online TV channel software with all the features to make streaming more accurate. vod streaming platform with highly scalable CMS, integrated adaptive bitrate streaming and functional streaming infrastructure.