How to Make Money From OTT Platforms: OTT Revenue Models In 2022

In any case, perhaps nothing has changed as quickly or as dramatically as the way people consume video content. Subscriptions to OTT services are often affordable, and some are even offered for free. Positively, it generates a lot of profit for customers. Importantly, media consumption such as TV ratings, social media interactions and lifestyle-friendly apps have had the biggest impact on it. This is why it has a higher platform with a lot of traffic.

As a result, these online video platforms can monetize their material in a number of ways. Some of them are listed below.

Video ad networks
Joining a video ad network is one of the fastest ways how OTT platforms can cash in all from your OTT. xmediatv can help you connect with advertisers who are looking for ad space to leverage your streaming domain for more benefits.

Direct Advertising
You can use the direct ad model to control the type of ads displayed on your OTT platform. To do this, you need to create a custom ad video stream server to control the ads displayed on your platform. This way, you have full control over price negotiations and set your rates.

Best Sponsorship Deals
OTT sponsorship deals are similar to TV sponsorship deals. In this case, companies pay for the right to advertise on specific content. Streaming services can showcase their content in a variety of ways in the form of banner ads, displays or launch screens.

Multiple Cashing-In Models
But when you tend to look at how OTT monetization platforms can earn and generate major revenues in the same way; there are many ways. These have unique advantages when it comes to narrowing down to accessibility and earning potential compared to other media. They are as follows.

Video on Demand (SVOD model)
SVOD is known as subscription video on demand. OTT platforms allow users to subscribe and earn revenue for content that customers pay to watch. The amount of subscriptions varies by platform. This model is popular among giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. One of the most popular ways of how to make money from video in OTT is the choice people have always made. It is well known that to make money from video on demand networks, it is very necessary to have a subscription-based video on demand model (SVOD). This is achieved by charging users a monthly subscription fee to access your content.

Video on Demand (AVOD Model)
AVOD, which stands for Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD) model is another great way to make money from your VOD business. Unlike SVOD and TVOD, where viewers pay to watch any type of content, the AVOD model relies entirely on advertising to generate revenue. Your subscribers don’t pay anything.

TV on Demand (TVOD model)
What is TV On Demand? Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) is a monetization model that allows consumers to pay on a per-view basis through two options. Either they can purchase on time to gain permanent access to a piece of content, or they can rent a piece of content for less than the purchase price, but with limited access time.

Multi-Screen Model
This model is similar in some ways to the subscription model. These OTT applications recognize that a consumer may have multiple devices. As a result, they enable users to access movie libraries on all devices, such as iPads, tablets, smartphones, etc., with a single subscription.

Which model is the best way to make money in OTT?
Each of the models listed above works for some companies and not for others. For Sureshot winners or mediocrities trying these solutions, there is no clear picture …… All that needs to be done is to determine which model is right for them, which fits their business goals. Each publisher must examine their profit strategy and understand the way goals are set by analyzing demographics and target users.

All you have to do now is to choose the relevant OTT solution and start making money. All thanks to the experienced development team, Xmediatv has the technical knowledge to produce trouble-free and innovative products for many platforms.