How to Set Up Linear OTT Broadcasting?

The reason for transitioning from traditional linear TV to OTT broadcasting is simple: the convenience of listening to your favorite shows from any Internet-enabled device is unmatched. As consumers move so quickly into this era of Internet streaming, traditional radio and TV networks are doing their best to move with them to satisfy their loyal audiences. Online linear streaming is the future of broadcasting.

How to set up a linear OTT broadcast
There are two general starting points for setting up OTT linear broadcasting. Most broadcasters like you are either starting from scratch or moving away from traditional linear TV. Even if you have no previous broadcast experience and no existing brands, setting up linear radio is very easy. It just takes some practice and some investment.

Planning and Strategy
To avoid being overwhelmed by the whole process, you will need to develop a solid plan that outlines what you want to accomplish and how you will get there. First, determine who your audience is. What must you deliver to them and how will you present it? Linear radio is often used for news and current affairs updates, entertainment and education. Choose a general direction and go from there.

Choosing a Live Streaming Platform
A professional-grade live streaming platform is critical to hosting linear broadcasts. You need a platform that is reliable and provides all the features needed for linear broadcasting. You also need to look at the costs associated with a live streaming platform. You may need to pay a monthly subscription fee as well as additional fees for accessing additional bandwidth. Make sure it makes sense for your budget.

Invest in equipment
If you are starting from scratch, you will need to invest in professional-grade equipment. Recording equipment, such as cameras and microphones, should be a priority. You need equipment that can produce high-quality content. Many things can be automated with linear broadcasting, but if you use any live footage, you will be mixing video and switching sources in real time, so a powerful computer is a must.

Schedule your content
Scheduling your content ahead of time is critical to the success of your linear broadcast. This step will look different, depending on the live broadcast solution you use. You may be scheduling weeks or even months in advance, so you should be able to schedule your content in bulk when it comes to production. As we mentioned before, any live video content will require some live mixing and mastering, which requires some manpower.

Setup for profit
Generating revenue from your broadcast station is important. There are a few main ways broadcasters can profit from linear streaming: advertising, subscriptions or both. Think about the traditional TV you’ve been watching for years. You pay for a cable subscription and you also watch commercials every ten minutes or so. OTT linear broadcasters typically use the same generic model.

Promote your content
It’s important to promote your content to the right audience. Social media is a great place to start. You can market your content organically or use paid advertising. If you have an existing TV or radio station, we recommend regularly letting viewers or listeners know they can find you online. Some broadcasters in this position produce some exclusive content on their online channels to incentivize consumers to listen online.

Are you ready to start broadcasting linearly over the Internet? With the support of the right live hosting platform, this should not be difficult to achieve. To choose the right video hosting platform for your needs, we recommend that you take advantage of a free trial. In fact, you can start with XMediaTV.